Post by Hannah Tyrrell

Brows are big business and despite what the 90’s taught you, bush is best! With so many new and beautiful brow products on the market, it’s easy to get it right – so why are so many of you still getting it wrong? Ok, so maybe perfect brows aren’t as easy as Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Instagram makes out, but as long as you’re following a few (and by a few, we mean 6) key rules, we think you’ll soon be browtastic


You’re choosing the wrong colour

We’ve seen you, ladies, your makeup is almost a 10, but you’re letting yourselves down with a deep dark brow. Now, the trick to darkening brows is not to get too much product on the skin. Unless you’re filling in a patch, refrain from overlining and stick to where there’s hair.

Pro tip: Make sure the colour and product type is right – we use pencil or gel to define and fill, and gels and mascaras to hold and define hairs. Simples!

You’re telling tall tails

You’ve seen the tutorial that shows where your brows should start and finish, but your brows aren’t long enough (oh no!)… Whatever you do, don’t draw a long line despite the fact that there’s no hair. Besides looking really fake, it can make your eyes look droopy. Carefully extend the tail a little, but don’t go overboard – better to have a natural finish that slightly falls short than a ridiculous long line of pencil!


Your brows are sparse or patchy

Either you were too plucky or just unlucky, but your brows have the odd bald patch. Make sure you’re leaving no space unfilled by gradually building a natural colour with powder – there’s less chance of overdoing it and you’ll have full curvaceous brows with no gaps.

You’re not highlighting

Make your beautiful brows pop with a pinch of highlighter underneath and above the brow. Perfectly adding further definition, it’s the final finishing touch some people forget that really takes your brow game to the next level!


You don’t blend

You might be filling your brows in the right places with the right colour and product type, but an unblended brow is really not the one! Use a brow grooming tool to soften any harsh lines after defining your shape and you’re good to go…

You’re not grooming

We’re not saying embrace a 90’s skinny brow, but a little pluck of the odd stray hair here and there is necessary to keep your brows in check. When it comes to daily grooming, make sure you use a brow brush to get all hairs in the same direction and apply a little gel or brow mascara to keep them in place!